Evangelization Corner: The One True Church of Jesus Christ

Christ’s One True Church

In my posts I have been trying to explain how it is that Christ in His infinite Wisdom established a means for those people of every generation who came after Him could know with certainty all of the truths Christ came to reveal.

1 Tim 3:15 = The Church (singular) is the pillar and foundation of truth

Eph 3:10 = The Church (singular) makes God’s wisdom known to all

Matt 16:18 = Christ established a Church (singular) here on earth that would never fail1

And this Church established by Christ built with the Apostles as the foundation and first leaders and then they chose men who were called bishops (overseers) to be the successors to the Apostles as leaders of Christ’s one Church.

The Church with her leaders united together as one voice would always be the one firm, unfailing source for Christ’s truths.

We need to look back throughout history to try to find this one true Church founded by Christ. Because I for one do not want to follow any anyone or anything except Christ and those whom He placed in charge of His flock here on earth!

When examining history we will find that there is one Church that speaks out with one voice throughout the whole world that has existed since the time of Christ and who claims to hold ALL of Christ’s truths. And this Church has been so certain that it is her leaders that rebuke heresy (views opposed to those handed down by Christ). And this Church has leaders called bishops who can trace their lineage all the way back to the Apostles themselves. This Church protects and preserves all of Christ’s truths that have been handed down through oral or written form (truths contained in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition). This Church exists just as Jesus had described in the Gospels containing both wheat and weeds, good and bad fish as well as faithful and unfaithful servants because this Church contains sinners – some who are striving for holiness being faithful and obedient and others who are unfaithful and disobedient.

Where is this Church today in the year 2015?

This is my favorite depiction of the history of the various groups who exist today who are Christian or who claim to be Christ (see image below, from SC Borromeo website). This shows when these groups began. We see the most dramatic number of off-shoots with various Christian denominations occur after the 1500s. This is because in the 1500s, what is now called the “Protestant Reformation” occurred. This in reality was a revolt – when various men began rejecting the teachings of the one universal Church in existence at the time (the Catholic Church), and began forming their own religious groups based on their own interpretations of Scripture.2

And today as I am writing this [October 31, 2015], it is actually the anniversary of the moment when the first Protestant “reformer” Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis to the church door in protest against the Catholic Church.

You will realize when looking at this list, that today there are even more groups that have formed and more that are continuing to form every year.

Look at this list. Where is your religious group? Where do we see Christ and His Church in this graphic?


(Click on image to view from original site in larger format)

This image depicts some of divisions that exist among Christians today. This is a sad image because Christ would not want this. Christ would NOT want His disciples to be divided. Christ prayed before His death that all of His disciples would be one. St. Paul emphasized to the early Christians on many occasions the importance of being united in one faith, with one mind and to be without divisions. There are thousands upon thousands of so-called “Christian denominations” today. And each of these denominations has their own interpretation of Scripture. Some groups have only slight differences whereas others have very drastic disagreements.

This is a sad state. Unfortunately, too many people do not know the history of Christianity. Too many people do not ask enough questions. Too many people simply believe what they are taught without challenging their sources.

I plead with you – READ the Bible; KNOW the history of Christianity; ASK questions; CHALLENGE those whom you are trusting for information; INVESTIGATE what it is various Christian groups believe so that you can find Christ’s ONE TRUE CHURCH (and find people/sources from those groups because there are many misconceptions).

Jesus Christ wants us to know HIM. He does not want us to know someone else’s version of His Truths. He does not want us listening to opinions. He wants us to KNOW with CERTAINTY ALL of the truths He came to reveal. And HE – Jesus Christ Himself – HAS made this possible!

After much reading and studying, I believe without a doubt in my mind that the Catholic Church is this one true Church founded by Christ. I know there are likely some – if not many – reading this who are saying, “The Catholic Church cannot be the one true Church Jesus Christ founded because of ______” and then there are likely lists of teachings that you may have to fill in the blank with. There are so many who believe the Catholic Church teaches doctrines that are contrary to the Bible. But as a Catholic who knows exactly what the Church teaches, I can tell you that this is wrong and that these are misconceptions/misunderstandings of what it is the Church teaches! [If you fit into this category, please tell me your doubts/concerns so I can explain the Catholic point of view OR go to a reliable Catholic source to look into your doubts.]

I am not Catholic because it is convenient or easy. I am not Catholic simply because this is what I was raised to be. I am not Catholic because I like a particular priest or bishop or pope. I am not Catholic simply to join a friend or family member in their beliefs.3

I am Catholic because I am convinced that this IS the one true Church founded by Jesus Christ Himself and the Church that both Christ and the Holy Spirit are guiding and protecting until the Last Day. I always and forever want to be united to Christ and His one Church. If anyone can convince me that the Catholic Church is NOT the one Church Jesus founded and can show me which Church Jesus did establish, I would leave the Catholic Church in an instance and join Christ’s Church. BUT if you cannot show me evidence that the Catholic Church is NOT the Church Jesus Christ established, then I ask you, what is keeping YOU from becoming Catholic?!

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    Well I am awaiting your next post, as I would like to compare redemtion to salvation.


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