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I have been spending my free time over the past few months working on this new project idea. This project is to make short engaging videos to help share the Catholic faith in a creative way. I hope that these videos are useful for learning more about the faith but even more I hope that they can inspire you to read more about the topics! This hopefully can reach children and pre-teens but I think everyone will find them fun to watch!

These videos cannot go into too much depth so I hope that those watching these and especially parents will dig deeper into each of these topics. And I am using this website as a forum to help you as you look for more information about the topics! Click on “Allison’s Blog” for my own personal reflections and then click on “Treasure Trove” to find other articles of interest related to these video topics.

Here is my first completed video on Advent!

It takes awhile to make each video but be looking for my next one in less than 2 weeks. It will be out before January 1, 2015 as the topic will be related to the solemnity we celebrate that day!


Turn your volume up and I recommend watching this in FULL SCREEN!

Hope you enjoy it! (And all constructive feedback is welcome!)




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