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This page is a supplement to the Catholic Videos I am producing (under the “CATHOLIC VIDEOS” link above). These links are to help you get started in finding good resources related to the various topics seen in my videos. These are just some resources you and your family can use as you explore the topics in the videos more deeply —




Reflections on Easter (1) “On the Resurrection of Jesus” by Jonathan Bennett; (2) Catechism of the Catholic Church on the Resurrection; (3) Pope Benedict XVI homily 2006; (4) Pope Benedict XVI homily 2012


Proofs for the Resurrection of Jesus (1)Peter Kreeft with answers; (2) William Lane Craig with answers;  (3) Good summary of answers




As Easter draws near, let us reflect on the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ using the Stations of the Cross/the Way of the Cross.


What are “the Stations of the Cross”? Go here = A Catholic Notebook: Stations of the Cross.

Where did the tradition of the “Stations of the Cross” come from? Go here = How Did the Stations of the Cross Begin?.

Want to find a few versions of the Stations of the Cross / the Way of the Cross? Go here = Pray. reflect and mediate with this beautiful devotion

 Catholic Encyclopedia: Information on the Stations of the Cross / the Way of the Cross

 Veronica’s Veil: What is this tradition? is it real? = Here is some information though there is great debate/many theories related to the location of the real veil of Veronica. Here are some viewpoints but keep in mind these are not facts but theories: (1) Catholic Culture Article (2) Interesting Theories(3) EWTN Article



Why does the (Catholic) Church have statues/images? (click on link below to learn more)


Do Catholics Worship Statues? Go here = Catholic Answers.

Why Do Catholics Pray to Statues? Go here = for Catholic Youth.

So Catholics Worship Statues? Go here = Catholic Answers.

Questions/Answers on Icons/Images/Statues (Very good!)


The Lenten Season (click on a link below to learn more)







mary8Mary – The Mother of God (click on a link below to learn more):

Mary: Mother of God = Catholic Answers.

EWTN = Mary, Mother of God.

“On the Tender Motherhood of Mary, Mother of God and my Mother Too” = Archdiocese of Washington.

Beautiful Homily = Mary, Mother of God.

Blessed Virgin Mary = A Mother Not Just for Catholics.


advent2ADVENT (click on a link below):

Advent and the Drama of Light and Darkness.

The Liturgical Season of Advent.

Catholic Traditions for Advent and Christmas.

Resources for Advent.

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