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Evangelization Corner: What is Prayer and What is Its Purpose?

Someone wrote to me: Men usually pray when they are defeated. And with defeat comes fear, despair, absence of faith. I am also guilty of this. I think that praying with a definite purpose, faith, with a joyful and grateful heart is the only way to transmute desires into their material equivalent. What are your

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Evangelization Corner: What is the Church’s Teaching on War and Self-Defense?

Question: Is killing in Self-Defense okay? What about defensive wars? What if there is an intruder in your home and was going to kill you and your children – is it acceptable to defend yourself? What does the Church teach on these issues? Response: Let us first look at Scripture: Jesus Christ calls us all

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Evangelization Corner: Wickedness, Evil and Sin

Question I had a question posed to me: “God is the Truth, He knows everything and is the ultimate architect. He created us to love Him, worship Him, to learn His ways and strive for Eternal life. How is it that God’s creation took a turn for the worst? A great philosopher said, “Man is

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