Questions About The Faith?

As I work to build this website, I want to start by giving you a few great links with thorough explanations about the Catholic faith.

These are “go-to” websites that I use often and have become some of  my favorite websites!

1. John Salza Apologetics: Apologetics 101

In this site, John Salza provides an abundance of Scripture references and Church Father references related to a wide variety of Catholic beliefs.

2. Catholic Answers

At this site, the people of Catholic Answers provide various resources to answer questions about the Catholic faith. They have articles and tracts available PLUS they have a discussion forum. Within this webiste you can search your question and find answers to most if not all of your questions! (And if you cannot find the answer, you can ask your question within the forums and people will be able to help you find the answer!)

3. phat catholic apologetics: TOPICAL INDEX

This page gives you a topical index of resources for questions about Catholic beliefs. This is not as in depth as Scripture Catholic but offers additional resources and information you may find helpful.

4. Resources – Catholic Culture

This location gives a list of great resources to help you learn about what it is the Church teaches. If you have your Bible then this page gives a llink to the Catholic Catechism and other resources which are great places to start!


There are so many other great websites and resources but the short list above is a good starting point! I encourage everyone to read, ask questions and continue to always seek for the Truth! When you do, you will grow closer and closer to God who IS Truth itself!


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