Purgatory: God’s Last Act of Mercy

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  1. Jacques-Richard Reply

    Hi Allison, thanks for your article !
    Question: What happens to a baby that dies at 3 months old after being baptized. Does it go directly to heaven since he had not committed any sins yet ?


    • Allison Reply

      Because God keeps His promises (1 Pet 3:21: “baptism now saves you”), yes, immediately following one’s Baptism (done with proper form [“in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”] and with proper matter [water]) one will go to heaven if they die following reception of the Sacrament. After an infant or any person under the age of reason is baptized, one would go to heaven after death. [The age of reason is when one can determine right from wrong (which is approximately 7 years of age but can vary).] In general for an adult or any person over the age of reason, if one has been baptized and then dies before committing any sin, one will go to heaven after death. If a person does not have the mental capacity to use their reason regardless of age, their situation would be similar to that of an infant/child.
      Hope this helps

  2. Jim Dooley Reply

    Terrific article! So many non Catholic Christians believe, subsequent to death, one enters eternal glory. My seminary days are long ago, but this totally ignores God’s justice. As Jesus is truly man and truly God, God is perfect mercy and perfect justice. To deny Purgatory is to deny divine justice. This is a demonic deception, i.e. to convince others sin isn’t real, and, more significantly, that it doesn’t have real, possibly eternal consequences. Since I retired from the NYPD (still working full time, though!), I assist others with very serious spiritual problems, normally subsequent to them having dabbled in the occult. Angelic trash are legalists, and will remain so long as there exists an invitation / opening, of any kind. I’m always shocked at the level of perversity and pure hatred these vile cowards display against people, whom I assist. Demons are experts at psychological warfare, often combining truth with lies, all in an attempt to drag a soul to Hell. Possession is not their foul goal; damnation is, via suicide, via sudden dark, intrusive thoughts. There is no time in the preternatural realm, so occult practices years ago are tantamount to having been done yesterday, and can last for years.. Most priest with whom I speak receive no seminary training in demonology. This must change; I’d be happy to give up demonology! The best cure are the Sacraments, especially the holy sacrifice of the Mass, and the sacramentals, especially Mary’s Rosary and holy water. Mary first, by the way. They hate & fear Her. Viva Christo Rey!

    Jim Dooley

  3. animhaven.org Reply

    This does not mean that the souls in Hell are not miserable; they certainly are, as miserable as those frozen in self-chosen darkness can be. But the point is that God is even merciful to them in their misery, because they are not as miserable as they might have been if forced to be in heaven.

    • Allison Reply

      Hell is evidence of God’s love and in particular His justice. In His love He does not coerce anyone. If they freely choose to reject His love, He honors that choice and they freely choose eternal misery.
      As to mercy – this is defined as the disposition to be forgiving and the ready willingness to pardon or reconcile someone. (See Catholic Dictionary at http://www.catholicculture.org)
      So by honoring a person’s free choice to reject God, God acts in love. I could be wrong but I do not believe it is technically correct to say in God’s mercy one is permitted to choose hell but rather in God’s perfect love and justice God allows one to freely choose this eternal misery.

      Thank you for the comments.
      God bless,

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