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Dr. David Anders is an amazing Catholic apologist who has a radio show and takes live calls from listeners. He has had many episodes and, with the permission of EWTN, many of his shows have been taken and edited such that there is a compilation of Dr. Anders’ responses to specific topics.

The first is on the topic of “Are you Saved?” On different shows, Dr. Anders has answered questions from various callers on this topic – Click here to listen to this file:       Are You Saved

The second is on “The Bible and Tradition”. Once again Dr. Anders has given many great answers on various radio programs, here are his answers and discussions on this topic combined into one audio – Click here to listen to this file:    The Bible And Tradition

 There are many more available to download and these are available at St. Paul Street Evangelization – Dallas | (look on the left column for the MP3 downloads of Dr. David Anders).



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