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peterWhy is Peter the Rock on Which Christ found His Church? What does it mean that Peter was given the Keys of Christ’s Kingdom? Peter is considered the first pope – why is this important? What is papal infallibility?

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Did Christ establish a visible Church with the Apostles as the first leaders succeeded by other appointed men?

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Pope and Gospel


What does the Church mean by Sacred Scripture and Sacred Scripture? Why does the Catholic Church not use only the Bible and also uses Tradition to learn the truths given to us by Jesus Christ?

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Why do we call Catholic priests “father”? Is that contrary to Scripture? Why do Roman Catholic  priests take a vow of celibacy?

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probably about 1475-6

Why do Catholics ask for intercessory prayers from the Saints in heaven? And why do Catholics pray even for those who have died and how does this relate to Purgatory?

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What do Catholics believe about Mary? Why do Catholics honor her? Can you explain the doctrines of Mary – the Immaculate Conception, the Assumption and Perpetual Virginity?

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Where do we find that Jesus Christ gave us the Sacraments in Sacred Scripture? What are the seven Sacraments and what is the importance of each?

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headphonesWith permission a compilation has been made of various radio programs hosted by the great apologist Dr. David Anders. Click here to find these great audio resources – (click on headphones)







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