About Me

I have been Catholic all of my life. Yes it is such a great blessing though I was not aware of this reality for 25 years! I have always loved Christ, I have wonderful faithful parents and went to Catholic school through high school. However, I saw the Catholic faith as one great brand of Christianity similar to the others – we share the same Creed and love for Christ and the differences seemed insignificant to me. College promoted a view of relativism which extended to religion – “as long as we believe in Christ why does the rest matter?”

However, by the grace of God, after I completed medical school and my residency, I met a Protestant co-worker who became a close friend and one day she began asking me questions about the Catholic faith. Why do we believe in the Eucharist? Why do we have priests? What does purgatory mean? I could answer her questions but only superficially. I was disappointed in myself. I realized at that moment I had dedicated 12 years of my life after high school to studying for medicine and had neglected my Christian faith. I was ashamed. From that moment I began to immerse myself into self-study about Christianity. Why DO we as Catholics believe what we do? Why ARE there different denominations? WHAT are the actual TRUTHS that Christ revealed to us? CAN we find absolute truths in Christianity among all of the misconceptions as well as deceptions?


I read everything I could find for 3 years and then got a Master’s degree in Theology studying for an additional of 2 years. I came to be convinced without a doubt that Christ established a Church 2000 years ago in order to pass on and preserve all the truths He came to reveal. That Church has shown us which books were inspired by God and she has preserved these books – this book what is known as the Bible. The Bible is Sacred as it is the written form of the Word of God – God co-authored this book with men. The Church also preserved traditions that have been passed down from Christ by word of mouth – this is also Sacred as these are the Words of God in oral form. The Sacred Traditions and Sacred Scripture have been protected and passed down for 2000 years by the one true Church established by Christ for this reason.

Christ promised to protect this Church from the gates of hell and to always be with this Church. This Church may change in how many men are united to her but this Church would never fail. This Church initially did not need any adjectives or identifiers because Christ put the Apostles in charge – this Church could be found under the authority of an Apostle. However, after 100 AD, all of the Apostles had died. There also were heretical groups that arose that claimed to have the truths of Christ. The one true Church was then given an identifier. Around 107 AD, Ignatius of Antioch tells us that this Church founded by Christ was known as the Catholic Church – the one Church that was united universally in its faith. Someone could go to any of the communities of the Catholic Church in the known world and find the same teachings of Christ protected through Apostolic Succession.

This same Church has been protected by the Holy Spirit and by Christ for over almost 2000 years. There are many who claim to have the truth but in reality, the Bible tells us where we can find the truths of Christ. St. Paul tells us the “pillar and foundation of truth” is “the Church”. This “Church” is the Church of St. Paul. It is the Church of St. Peter, St. Andrew, James and John. This Church is the one, true Church founded by Christ. This Church is the Catholic Church. StPeters


I hope to share the Catholic faith through this website in various ways and be a resource to help those sincerely seeking to find the same truths discovered by brilliant men such as St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Robert Bellarmine and many others over the centuries. It is the faith of the Church founded by Christ that I have thankfully come to finally recognize as the amazing gift and blessing that it truly is!